Since 1960, we have put our educational experience at the service of excellence in physiotherapy. Today physiotherapists intervene in almost all fields of health by occupying a central place in that of rehabilitation.

If you are a health professional, a public or private health institution or a private practice sharing the principles of health prevention, improvement of disability conditions and quality of life, we invite you to join us in this sharing of humanist values ​​and to become a partner of our institute.

The CEERRF is addressing you in order to inform you of the various possibilities of existing collaborations such as training on the different types of recruitment of our students in work-study, apprenticeship and other professionalizing contracts in order to meet your needs.

Thanks to your participation, we wish to perpetuate and ensure the training of the future physiotherapists of tomorrow and thus meet the needs of our society.

Professionals & partners

You are looking to (pre)recruit an employee

You are a public, associative, private institution or a liberal firm and you are looking to recruit a future collaborator in apprenticeship, under a Study Allocation Contract or any other recruitment solution…

Recruit an apprentice (CFA)

Thanks to its service dedicated to internships, the CEERRF puts you in touch with our student candidates for apprenticeship training in physiotherapy.

Given the growing demand for qualified professionals in rehabilitation and rehabilitation services, recruiting apprentices represents multiple advantages for health structures and for the student. Training a future employee, while teaching him the job, with your specificities and ensuring his integration into the teams and more broadly into the culture and life of the establishment is a win-win compromise for both parties.

Whether you are a public, associative, private organization or a liberal firm, students who have validated their 1st year of training and have good basic knowledge of the profession, are interested and motivated by your recruitment and job offer projects.

More information with the simulator for calculating aid to employers, allowing you to estimate the salary cost of an apprenticeship contract.

Pre-recruit a student (CAE or CFPP)

  • The study allowance contract (CAE) is a system by which certain health structures, public or private, offer students (2nd, 3rd or 4th year) a sum paid monthly or annually, in exchange for an obligation to practice in the establishment as a Physiotherapist for a period equal to the allowance.
  • The professional promotion training contract is a system offered to 2nd, 3rd or 4th year students by public hospitals. It is an employment contract, the student therefore becomes an employee of the company. Training costs are covered and monthly remuneration is paid from the signing of the contract until graduation. At the end of the training, the Physiotherapist is bound by a commitment to serve for a period equal to three times the years financed, within the limit of five years.

Our dedicated administrative team will be your privileged contact to advise and support you in order to bring your project to fruition. Contact us on 01 48 09 04 57 or by filling out this form.

News Professionals & partners

Further education

Health, re-education and rehabilitation professionals wishing to update their professional skills and knowledge, further education with Santé Formation is made for you.

Santé Formation was born from the common desire of training professionals to develop the skills of health and well-being professionals while improving patient care.

Santé Formation has a network of partners, training facilities, teachers and health professionals allowing it to set up a whole series of training courses, individual, collective or à la carte, both in the premises of the Campus Santé Porte de Paris as well as outside.

Thanks to the richness of its catalog, Santé Formation can meet the further education needs of all professionals in the fields of health, well-being and sports.

For example, which expertise-based trainings, are available after the physiotherapy degree?

  • Musculoskeletal and neuromuscular techniques : dry needling, manual therapy of different tissues (articular, discal, myofascial, neuromeningeal)
  • “Internal” techniques : cardiology, pneumology, postpartum…
  • Psycho-corporal techniques : hypnosis, and more broadly training in well-being and personal development, communication and management and administration.

Santé Formation is Qualiopi certified. In addition, our training courses are subject to specific support (Pôle emploi, DPC or FIF-PL).

Tax learning

Tax learning

The payment of 13% of your apprenticeship tax to the CEERRF is an act of support for the improvement and quality of the training of future health professionals.

  • How to pay us the 13% of your Apprenticeship Tax in 2022?

    You have until May 31, 2022 to allocate this share to our institute.

    By choosing to pay us the 13% share of this tax, you will allow our students to benefit from material investments and the transmission of lessons. By becoming a contributor, your participation will be more than welcome.

  • To make this payment,

    1) Complete the downloadable payment coupon by clicking on this link.

    2) Send the form :
    – either by mail to : CEERRF – Éric Delamare – 36, rue Pinel 93200 Saint Denis France, Saint Denis with your Apprenticeship Tax payment check payable to CEERRF
    – either by email to the address indicated in the coupon, with proof of the transfer.

    3) A personal discharge receipt will then be sent to you, justifying your payment.

The teaching team and the students of the IFMK sincerely thank you for your contribution.

Become a CEERRF trainer

CEERRF is always looking for physiotherapists willing to share their knowledge, sharing our values and having a vocation for training. Indeed at CEERRF, it is the student who is at the heart of our educational project, built thanks to the participation and multi-reference collaboration of our teachers.

Come and enrich our educational team and let’s continue together to train professionals capable of adapting to changes in the health professions in rehabilitation and readaptation.

Whether you are confirmed, intermediate or beginner in training, the CEERRF accompanies you within our team in order to succeed in your professional experience and in the transmission of knowledge to students. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Recruitment will depend on the needs identified by the training managers.

Become a teacher at CEERRF

Space rental for your events

Whether you are an association, an administration, a company, a private or public structure, looking for premises for all your events, the CEERRF provides you with its premises such as classrooms, practice rooms, an amphitheater, modular spaces and private parking, to meet your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us, to book and privatize our spaces and facilities for your activities.

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