At all stages of human life, the physiotherapist helps patients acquire, maintain or regain the fullness of their motor functions. Today, physiotherapists are involved in almost all fields of medicine and occupy a central place in that of rehabilitation.

CEERRF provides training for the state diploma (DE) of physiotherapist on premises entirely dedicated to health professions, in the heart of a dynamic and protected district on the edge of Saint-Denis, between the Légion d’Honneur Institute, the Casanova Hospital and the Paul Éluard Museum.

La kinésithérapie

A profession rich in relationships and exchanges

During the 4 years that the courses lasts, future graduate physiotherapists will discover all the facets of a profession that is both manual, scientific and deeply focused on the well-being of the human person, therefore rich in relationships and exchanges.

CEERRF also attaches great importance to international openness, offering its students the possibility of carrying out internships abroad but also of benefiting from the intervention of clinicians or teacher-researchers whose expertise is recognized worldwide.