Defined by specific legislative and financial measures, continuing education has become the guarantee of effective and lasting professional and personal development.

Thanks to its integration within the Campus Santé Porte de Paris, the CEERRF offers its qualified physiotherapists a rich continuing education program in partnership with the organization Santé Formation.

During their career, masseurs-physiotherapists will be able to follow subsidized training on the one hand and free but tax-deductible training on the other.

Subsidized training is currently provided :

  • either within the framework of the FIF-PL system, a fund allowing liberal professionals to participate in approved training according to defined specifications,
  • or in that of Continuing Professional Development, known as “DPC”, the object of which relates to the improvement of professional practices and the nature of which is compulsory, on a three-year basis.

By participating in the continuing education provided within the Campus Santé Porte de Paris, CEERRF graduates also have the opportunity to maintain and strengthen the links created during their studies, whether with other students or with teachers. . Moments of learning and valuable exchange to enrich his professional career.

Future graduate physiotherapists can continue their studies in other ways as well, namely:

Poursuite des études