Although the CEERRF was only officially incorporated under this name in 1989, it is in fact since 1960 that it has been training students for the state diploma in physiotherapy under the name of the Fondation Médico-Gymnastique.

The Centre Européen d’Enseignement en Rééducation et Réadaptation Fonctionnelle (CEERRF) finds its origins in the work of Doctor André de Sambucy, specialist in the physical management of spinal pathologies and related diseases and a pioneer in sports medicine.

Aux origines du CEERRF

The origins of CEERRF

Sports doctor before his time, doctor André de Sambucy founded in 1960 in Paris, in Lancry street, a “School of physiotherapy” bearing his name. A pioneer of manual therapies in France, Doctor de Sambucy (1909-1987) worked all his life to develop and disseminate a non-drug approach to chronic diseases.

Author, with his wife Mauricette, of numerous reference works, he drew in particular on his knowledge of the various international medical traditions to compose the “Method of the Nine Times” – nine ways of treating the spine and the human body – which has become a source of inspiration for many physiotherapists.

On the death of Doctor de Sambucy, the teaching team he had formed took over the school. In 1989, she decided to get closer to other health trainings by settling in Saint-Denis, in a district in full revival. The Centre Européen d’Enseignement en Rééducation et Réadaptation Fonctionnelle was born.

Since then, the CEERRF has continued to participate in the development of French physiotherapy while remaining faithful to the international and transversal vision of its founder.

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“The spine is the sole support of the whole body. Everything is placed or hung there. The vertebra is the key to life. From it comes the sympathetic commander of all the organs.”

Dr de Sambucy


Former promotions

They studied at the CEERRF and graduated as a physiotherapist: here are some photos of the previous promotions! Some have become teachers at the CEERRF, others health managers and others have become liberals!