Since the creation of the school of physiotherapy of Doctor de Sambucy, in 1960, the CEERRF has not stopped to live at the rate of the evolution of the profession of physiotherapist.

CEERRF presentation

The student at the heart of the educational project

Thus, while physiotherapy reinforced its theoretical foundations and found its full place within the world of functional rehabilitation, the CEERRF was enriched by the skills of a qualified teaching team while integrating itself within the Campus Santé de la Porte from Paris.

Above all, it is the student who is at the heart of the CEERRF educational project, just as the patient is at the center of the practitioner’s concerns. The mission that the CEERRF has given itself is to train the best European physiotherapists of tomorrow: those who will be able to apply what they have learned while remaining open to the evolution of techniques and health professions but also to the requirements of each of their patients.

Pedagogical experience at the service of practical excellence for a reflexive physiotherapy open to modern health issues, welcome to the CEERRF!