The ambition of the CEERRF is to allow all its students to benefit from the contribution of international exchanges.

Clearly anchored in the European area of higher education and research, the CEERRF aims to become, at the international level, a major academic player in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, renowned for the quality of its training and research.

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CEERRF and international

Open to the world

To carry out this ambition, the CEERRF has set up an international office responsible for deploying its international strategy and supporting students, teachers and staff in the internationalization of training.

Any student registered with the CEERRF now has the possibility of benefiting from a period of internship and/or studies in Europe and/or abroad. These periods are an integral part of his training and validate the corresponding ECTS.

Similarly, any CEERRF teacher has the opportunity to interact with international trainers in order to design joint lessons, exchange on emerging knowledge, develop comparative approaches to care and optimize the training system with the appropriation of validated rehabilitation protocols, little or unknown in France.

At CEERRF, openness to the world is thought of as a toolbox that will allow future graduates to adapt to the rapid evolution of knowledge, to develop their professional practice and ultimately contribute to a system of healthcare at the service of the best possible care for its users.

open up to others

For future graduates, international exchanges have a double dimension that the CEERRF intends to promote:

  • The personal and civic dimension : discovering other habits and customs, other ways of shaping your existence, other lifestyles, other visions of the world.
  • The professional dimension : adapting to a foreign work environment, strengthening language skills, acquiring new skills.

In addition, this policy of openness to the world greatly contributes to nurturing the sensitivity of tomorrow’s physiotherapists to the cultural dimension of care, which is reflected in particular by taking into account the patient’s cultural context and respecting the codes to which he is not accustomed.

This approach is perfectly in line with the individualization of care and the development of clinical reasoning, two major trends in contemporary physiotherapy.

« At CEERRF, the international is designed as an additional lever to promote the enrichment of practices and relationships between health actors »
Nicole Maurice, head of the international department


CEERRF part of Erasmus+

CEERRF has joined the Erasmus+ program for higher education. As of 2023-2024, all students willing to leave in european and international mobility, will be able to benefit from a scholarship from the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.


International internships

The ambition of the CEERRF is to allow all students to benefit from the contribution of international exchanges, both from an educational and professional point of view. In outgoing mobility, CEERRF students will discover new techniques and approaches, while in incoming mobility, European and international students will learn the specifics of physiotherapy and the French health system.

Leaving with the CEERRF

CEERRF students can go on an international internship either at the start of the third year from mid-August to the end of September (semester 5), or in the fourth year, during the so-called “”clinic”” internship in the last semester, from January to March (semester 8).

Today the CEERRF has about ten partners in Spain, Portugal, Denmark, the Netherlands, French-speaking and German-speaking Switzerland as well as Australia. The CEERRF international office supports students in the administrative and linguistic preparation for their mobility.

CEERRF students are informed of the formalities to be completed in order to go on mobility, from the start of the second year.

Come and study at CEERRF

Opening up to the world also means being happy to welcome international students on internship or study mobility. Created in 2021, the CEERRF international office will welcome European and international students wishing to discover French physiotherapy and will support them in their approach before, during and after mobility.

Any mobility request must be sent to the international office using the dedicated contact form. An information pack is available for download below.