The CEERRF is finally in Europe !

On October 26, 2022, the CEERRF obtained the Erasmus Charter for higher education.

This success marks a turning point in the history of the training institute in physiotherapy for several reasons.

Le CEERRF est enfin en Europe ! Charte Erasmus

A turning point for the CEERRF, its students and teachers

First of all, for its students. From 2023-2024 all students with a European or international mobility project for internship or study purposes, will be able to benefit from linguistic and financial support from the European Union’s Erasmus+ program. The CEERRF’s international office will assist each student individually in the realization of his or her mobility project.

Secondly, for its teachers, participation in the Erasmus+ Program is a privileged opportunity to collaborate with European colleagues in the framework of research projects, pedagogical innovation or cross-border courses bringing together classes from 3 to 4 European countries. The possibilities for collaboration between students and teachers are endless.

Finally, as part of its development strategy, the CEERRF wishes to internationalize the institution by welcoming teachers from all over the world and by involving students in projects that allow the acquisition of professional skills in physiotherapy. As a member of the ENPHE (European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education), , the CEERRF is already involved in two projects on a European scale with universities in Portugal and the Netherlands which have mobilized more than 40 students from the institution.

Towards free movement of learners

CEERRF students are at the heart of this international dynamic. This opening to the world is above all for them. Two members of the Student Office are in charge of informing the different classes of the opportunities offered by the CEERRF, welcoming international teachers and students, and being a force of proposal so that the international aspect is fully integrated into their training.

Indeed, by 2025, the European education area aims to guarantee the free movement of learners and, once on the job market, the mutual and automatic recognition of learning outcomes or certification.

«A continent where spending time in another Member State – to study, to learn, or to work – would become habitual and where speaking two languages in addition to one’s mother tongue would become the norm».

Through its international strategy and the support of the Erasmus+ program, the CEERRF’s project is to prepare its students to work and live in Europe, our common space.

Le CEERRF est enfin en Europe ! Charte Erasmus