Living Erasmus+: The journey of a physiotherapy student

At CEERRF, our commitment lies in promoting a reflective education open to the world. Internships abroad supported by Erasmus+ offer students invaluable professional experience. Exploring different cultures and improving language skills while working in another country can significantly enhance employability after graduation.

Today, we are delighted to share the testimony of Flore VOOGD, a second-year physiotherapy student at CEERRF. Flore, who also excels as a female rugby player at the AC Bobigny 93 club, one of the clubs competing at the highest level in women’s rugby in IDF in Elite 1 and the reserve Elite, playing at position 9 (scrum-half) or 10 (fly-half), shares her Erasmus+ experience combining a second-year internship with her passion for physiotherapy and sports, especially rugby.



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Flore VOOGD testifies

Originally from the Netherlands and residing in France for two years to pursue rugby at a competitive level alongside my studies, the Erasmus program represented a unique opportunity. It wasn’t just about leaving; it was about rediscovering my profession in a different cultural context.

The Netherlands and France, although neighbors, offer distinct nuances in the practice of physiotherapy. This exchange allowed me to enrich both my practical and theoretical knowledge, bridging the insights gained during my first two years of study.

Moreover, with professional aspirations in both France and the Netherlands after obtaining my degree, knowledge of professional terminologies in my native language is crucial. Thus, I seized the opportunity to do my second-year internship at Fysio Cura Plaza, a center specialized in sports rehabilitation and affiliated with Team NL, the Dutch Olympic team.

This experience not only provided me with specialized expertise in sports physiotherapy but also immersed me in the world of elite athletes, from the therapist’s perspective.

I encourage everyone to embark on such international experiences, broadening cultural horizons and fostering a global perspective. If I had another chance, I wouldn’t hesitate to participate in the Erasmus program again.

The transformative power of exchange programs

During her internship in the Netherlands, Flore was able to meet the pedagogical objectives of the internship such as :

  • Performing clinical examinations and evaluations based on the International Classification of Functioning.
  • Applying relevant anatomical, kinesiology, and pathophysiological knowledge in therapeutic interventions.
  • Analyzing professional posture and initiating physiotherapeutic diagnoses.
  • Validating skills aligned with reflective analysis and professional reasoning.

Flore’s journey illustrates the transformative power of international exchange programs. We express our gratitude to Fysio Cura Plaza for accepting our student and particularly to Antoine Van Der Berg, her internship supervisor, for transmitting his knowledge and passion for physiotherapy.

We congratulate Flore for her involvement and achievements during this enriching Erasmus+ experience, embodying the spirit of international collaboration and professional growth.