University : UCV,  Catholic University of Valencia

Speaker : Dr. Myriam Garcia Escudero


Our teachers also learn during the CEERRF International Week

During the international week and as part of the training provided by Ms. Garcia on pedagogical innovation at CEERRF, an exciting third module was dedicated to Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE).

Mrs Garcia, a university professor, director of the Master’s in Rehabilitation and Patient in Neurology, vice-dean and dean of the Faculty of Physiotherapy at UCV, specialist in balance rehabilitation, and coordinator of pedagogical innovation at the faculty, guided CEERRF teachers in learning and applying this innovative evaluation methodology.

semaine internationale ceerrf - espagne

CEERRF teachers adopt OSCE for neurology assessment

Teachers such as M. Bellaiche, Mme Streit, M. Tanguy and Mme Vincent, who teach neurology courses to third and fourth-year students, have embraced this pedagogical approach. Under the guidance of their trainer, they conducted “test” evaluation sessions with the participation of our students.

These assessments targeted skills acquired in the field of neurology, such as medical history, physical examination, procedural skills, clinical management, communication, prevention, ethics, and interpersonal relationships.

An enriching and participatory experience between teachers and students

The experience was enriching and educational, fostering dynamic interaction between teachers and students. This participatory approach was widely appreciated by all participants and reflects CEERRF’s pedagogical management’s commitment to diversify and optimize assessment methods to meet the training needs of future physiotherapists.

Students have expressed their enthusiasm and willingness to delve deeper into these areas in upcoming training modules. They recognize the importance of these innovative pedagogical approaches for their professional development and their future careers as competent physiotherapists.

semaine internationale ceerrf - espagne

CEERRF is committed to pedagogical innovation to train competent physiotherapists

CEERRF is steadfastly committed to pedagogical innovation, offering its students diverse and practice-oriented learning opportunities. The commitment to training quality physiotherapists is evident in the constant pursuit of innovative and effective teaching methods.

We express our gratitude to Myriam Garcia for her dynamism and willingness to share her experience and expertise in this field. We look forward to meeting in Valencia in 2024, where we hope to promote training mobility for our teachers through the Erasmus+ program, to continue developing our pedagogical expertise and provide high-quality education to our students.