The CEERRF had the honor to receive for the second time, Myriam Garcia Escudero, Doctor of Physical Therapy from the Catholic University of Valencia and president of the very recent Spanish association of simulation. The objective of her visit was to train four teachers from the CEERRF in the use of simulation in the initial training of physiotherapists.

As a neurology trainer, Myriam Garcia Escudero uses simulation extensively to ensure that her students master the fundamental knowledge (formative evaluation) or to evaluate them at the end of the semester (certificative evaluation). The simulation used in initial training allows students to be placed in a professional situation, especially since in Spain, although the number of hours of internship is identical to that of initial training in France, students do not go on internship until the third year.

These simulation techniques require a great deal of work on the scenario around the objective to be achieved by the student.

This work was the subject of two training workshops for four neurology teachers from the CEERRF. The first one of 20 hours in July 2022 and a workshop of 7 hours in January 2023.

L’Espagne, l’autre pays de la physiothérapie
L’Espagne, l’autre pays de la physiothérapie

Thus, through fictitious professional situations, the student becomes an actor of his learning and his evaluation. They can assess their own learning and areas for improvement without feeling judged.

For the trainer, it is an opportunity to implement new tools that are less academic and less formatted and to create a more participative group dynamic around theoretical and practical knowledge.

As part of the Erasmus+ program, CEERRF trainers will travel to Spain to observe their colleagues and students in simulation exercises.

The CEERRF is more than ever open to innovation but also to the world!