A student from Ghent University, Belgium, has chosen the CEERRF school of physiotherapy for her Erasmus+ internships in France

CEERRF is pleased to host a student from Ghent University, Belgium, for a training and practice internship program as part of the Erasmus+ program.

An immersion in French practice

Odyle shares her experience with great enthusiasm. During her two internships in the Île-de-France region, she had the privilege of closely observing the work of Parisian physiotherapists and practicing, collaborating with two recognized professionals, Ivan Hernandez in pediatrics and Pierre Inchauspé in musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

She highlights their openness to her questions and suggestions, creating an environment conducive to learning. This experience not only allowed her to immerse herself in French physiotherapy but also to explore the French language. Despite French not being her native language, Odyle overcame her initial apprehensions to make it an extremely enriching experience.

The importance of cultural and professional exchange

CEERRF expresses gratitude to Odyle for her commendable words and looks forward to providing such a positive learning experience. Mr. Cerioli, Director of CEERRF, emphasizes the importance of cultural and professional exchange in the field of physiotherapy, expressing gratitude to the mentors and Ghent University for their contributions to the success of this program.

This international collaboration reflects CEERRF’s commitment to reflexive and globally open physiotherapy. We are confident that this experience strengthens the ties between our respective institutions and paves the way for future fruitful collaborations.

For more information on CEERRF’s international programs, please contact the international office team on this page or by email : international@ceerrf.fr