Active Participation in the ENPHE Seminar April 2024

Hosted by the Faculty of Medicine, Sciences, and Physiotherapy at the University of Coruna in Spain, our teachers Adrien Pallot, Céleste Rousseau, Kevin Tanguy, and Emiliano Castillo from the International Office participated in the ENPHE* seminar working groups.

This participation aligns with CEERRF’s vision of internationalization, fulfilling our commitments to our students and the Erasmus+ Program.

During these seminars and the ENPHE Congress, collaboration between teachers and students to integrate innovative and participatory teaching methods is facilitated by the working groups formed by members of this association (European universities and IFMKs).

Benefiting from Erasmus+ co-funding, the CEERRF team was able to engage in the following working groups

ENPHE 2024

Practice-Based Learning

The “Practice-Based Learning (PBL)” group developed a standardized European evaluation form for clinical placements abroad, including the assessment of intercultural competencies. This form aims to clarify expectations for both tutors and international students.


The “Research” working group pursues three main objectives :

  1. Promote research collaboration among ENPHE members.
  2. Encourage student engagement in Evidence-Based Practice (EBP).
  3. Involve undergraduate and master’s students from partner schools to share and highlight their research work. Last year, our student Elisa Martin-Alonso secured second place in the competition.

CEERRF actively participates in various research projects, including a survey on teaching evidence-based physiotherapy, a systematic review led by Adrien Pallot, and a research project titled “More Life to Your Years.”


During the ENPHE Congress 2023 in Prague, an international competence model in physiotherapy was developed. At the seminar in Spain, Kevin Tanguy worked on learning outcomes and assessment methods for international competencies, as well as on a virtual exchange program in partnership with Utrecht University.

A Hybrid Intensive Programme (HIP) ERASMUS+ is also underway, focusing on Evidence-Based Physiotherapy (EBP) in 2024, coordinated by Dagmar Pavlu from Charles University, Czech Republic. Five third-year CEERRF students and a teacher will participate and discover Prague in October this year.

Environmental Physiotherapy (EPT)

The working group on environmental physiotherapy aims to integrate environmental education and sustainability into physiotherapy training. A survey titled “Global Awareness in Physiotherapy” is ongoing to understand how to incorporate the EPT concept into courses. An Escape Game for teachers and students is being developed to stimulate research and collaboration with associations like EcoKinés and the Environmental Physiotherapy Association (EPA). Additional projects to be presented by our teacher Céleste Rousseau may take place at the next school term.

ENPHE 2024

CEERRF’s participation in the ENPHE seminar in Spain demonstrates our commitment to internationalization and pedagogical innovation. With the support of Erasmus+, our teachers and students benefit from rich exchanges and collaborations. Membership in ENPHE strengthens our international network and opens new perspectives. Encouraging mobility within Erasmus+ is essential to enrich our academic and professional community. We continue to seize these opportunities to become “The choice for reflective and globally-minded physiotherapy education.”

*ENPHE (European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education) is a European network dedicated to higher education in physiotherapy. Founded in 1995, this organization aims to promote collaboration and the exchange of best practices among physiotherapy training institutions across Europe. ENPHE members, comprising universities and physiotherapy schools, work together to improve the quality of education, encourage student and teacher mobility, and foster research in physiotherapy