Success of Publick’Athon: CEERRF Transforms Final Theses into Research Articles

Publick'Athon au CEERRF : Quand la recherche et la collaboration inspirent les étudiants en kinésithérapie

CEERRF recently organized a unique training program: the Publick’Athon. Under the guidance of our teacher, Adrien Pallot (Reference for Work Methods and Research in Biomedical Sciences), along with Joévin Burnel, Doctor of Philosophy Jean-Philippe Deneuville, and Flavien Quijoux, Doctorate in Sciences and Neurosciences, this initiative allowed 3rd and 4th-year physiotherapy students to convert their final theses into research articles for submission to scientific journals for publication.

The pedagogical methodology of the training used the Pomodoro technique to stimulate writing productivity. This approach was warmly welcomed by the students, promoting increased concentration and remarkable writing efficiency.

An essential aspect of the training was the regular exchange of feedback, creating a collaborative environment that encouraged mutual learning and continuous improvement of each other’s work. This allowed the students to enrich their understanding and approach to scientific writing.

In addition, the presentation of practical cases on clinical research and scientific article writing provided students with a valuable opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge to concrete situations. This hands-on experience not only strengthened their confidence in writing skills but also deepened their understanding of the clinical research process.

Another highlight of the training was the friendly meals, where students could exchange experiences in a relaxed atmosphere. These moments strengthened group cohesion and encouraged enriching discussions.

The success of this event was evident with active student participation and a series of article drafts now ready for revision. For 4th-year students, this training was a valuable opportunity to enhance their personal scientific writing skills. For 3rd-year students, it laid the foundation for high-quality thesis writing.

The Publick’Athon has proven to be effective in stimulating students’ productivity and research quality. CEERRF is eagerly looking forward to the final outcomes of this innovative initiative.


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