I am a senior high school student and I want to become a physiotherapist ? Nothing easier : I enroll in one of one of CEERRF’s partner universities via Parcoursup. At the end of this first university year (L1), depending on my ranking, I will be able to join the CEERRF or, failing that, one of the other training institutes agreed with my university. There are many possible courses: PASS (Specific Health Access Course), LAS (License option Health Access), STAPS (Science and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities) or even STS (Science, Technology, Health).

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Parcoursup is the French national online platform for high school students wishing to continue their studies in higher education. This system allows high school students to compile their file and formulate wishes according to the orientation they are considering.

From now on, entering a physiotherapy training institute (IFMK) such as CEERRF, is accessible to almost all graduates, whatever their profile. All the candidates have to do is to choose the most suitable university course by checking the necessary prerequisites on Parcoursup.

For example :

  • If your interests are in sports-related fields, you can choose a degree Sciences et Techniques des Activités Physiques et Sportives (STAPS).
  • If you are comfortable with science, you can choose a license in Biology (Bio license), or good in Science, Technologie and Santé (STS).
  • If your strengths are in disciplines far from biology, you can choose a license with the “Accès Santé” option in the field that interests you (L.AS).
  • Finally, the PASS, provided only in health faculties, is a specific year comprising “health” lessons and non-health lessons (law, bio, maths, letters, etc.).

CEERRF’s advice : Training in physiotherapy is plural. It combines biomedical scientific knowledge (medicine, biomechanics, etc.) with human and social sciences (sociology, educational sciences, etc.). To give you the best chance of success in the L1 ranking tests, we recommend that you choose a sector in which you will be as comfortable as possible.

Parcoursup calendar

Here are the different steps of the registration process :

  • STEP 1 Discovery of training courses from 12/12/2021 to 01/20/2022, find out about universities and courses
  • STEP 2 Register and add your wishes from 01/20/2022 to 03/29/2022 included
  • STEP 3 Finalize your file and confirm your wishes
  • STEP 4 Main admission phase from 06/02/2022 to 07/15/2022

Selection process

The selection for admission to the CEERRF is carried out by the universities with which we have signed agreements.

The student who wishes to apply to become a physiotherapist must imperatively have validated his first year of university and obtained 60 ECTS regardless of the course chosen (PASS, LAS, STAPS or STS). The selection is made according to their ranking, the student will appear on the list of eligible candidates that the partner university will communicate to us in July. Students should contact the secretariat of their faculty to know precisely the selection criteria and procedures and to be able to apply, each university establishes its own selection criteria.

All about admission to the CEERRF

CEERRF admission in video

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Positions by course and by university

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Number of positions by university and by course

STAPS (L1 + L2)

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STAPS (L1 + L2)

7 + 2