Isokinetics and virtual reality: pedagogical innovations at CEERRF

At CEERRF, pedagogical innovation lies at the heart of our mission. We are proud to announce two new developments that enrich our physiotherapy training program.

Isokinetics with EGYM

For the past two years, we have placed a strong emphasis on the “health sports” dimension of our education. Our students have already had the opportunity to observe and participate in real-life health sports sessions during their internships at private practices. To further enhance their education and prepare the physiotherapists of tomorrow, last year, we inaugurated a dedicated health sports facility, and this year, we are taking another step forward through our partnership with EGYM.

For this academic year, students will discover a second facility equipped with EGYM isokinetic stations. This platform allows our students to experiment with various modes of muscle contractions, including isokinetics, a technique that typically requires expensive and complex machinery. Thanks to this partnership, we are making this method accessible and integrable into our curriculum from the first year.

Our health sports experts have already familiarized themselves with these machines and are preparing to incorporate them into our programs. We are confident that this new dimension will strengthen our students’ education. We extend our warm thanks to Julien Cramet for his dedication to this project and to EGYM for their trust.

We invite you to check out the Instagram post created by our students Fanny and Léa right below.

Immersive Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is another exciting innovation that we recently introduced to our students. In collaboration with the company Virtualis, we offered our students a two-day immersive experience.

During this event, our students explored how VR can revolutionize physiotherapy. They learned how to customize rehabilitation exercises according to each patient’s needs using this technology. Additionally, VR was presented as a powerful tool to make rehabilitation sessions more engaging, thereby boosting patient motivation.

Our instructors guided the students through the applications of VR in the treatment of various pathologies, opening up exciting new possibilities for the future of physiotherapy pedagogy. A video created by our students serves as a testament to this enriching experience.

At CEERRF, we remain committed to exploring and adopting the most advanced technologies and partnerships to provide our future physiotherapists with top-notch training.


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