Speakers : Katrine Oertel Frederiksen and Thomas Stig Hynding Grøndberg

During the International Week and as part of our collaboration with UC SYD University, Department of Health Education, Physiotherapy Training Program in Esbjerg – Haderslev, Denmark, we had the opportunity to welcome Ms. Oertel and Mr. Stig, both physiotherapists and professors.

Their presentation was dedicated to the Danish approach to vestibular rehabilitation and the healthcare and prevention system.

Katrine Oertel Frederiksen
Thomas Stig Hynding Grøndberg


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Immersive approach: interactive classes combining theory and practice

Their expertise was particularly relevant for second and third-year students who were able to deepen their knowledge of the OtoRhinoLaryngological sphere’s anatomy, proprioception balance disorders, and oto-rhino-laryngology anatomy.

What made these courses exceptional was the original approach implemented by Ms. Oertel and Mr. Stig, combining theory and practice simultaneously. Students greatly appreciated this immersive method, which allowed them to learn while directly applying the discussed concepts. This interactive approach fostered a friendly and stimulating learning environment.

Enriching discussions: direct exchanges with the speakers

Despite the additional challenge of the English language, students managed to fully benefit from these classes. Ms. Oertel and Mr. Stig were attentive to the students’ language needs and provided clear explanations, facilitating their understanding and active participation.

In addition to the classes, students had the opportunity to conduct interviews with the two speakers. These exchanges were very enriching, enabling students to ask questions and engage in direct discussions with experts in the field of vestibular rehabilitation. These interviews were recorded, and students are excited to share the video of these interviews as well as the images captured during the classes.

International collaboration through the Erasmus+ Program

We would like to express our gratitude to Ms. Oertel and Mr. Stig for their contribution to the international week and our students’ progress. Their expertise in vestibular rehabilitation, presentation on the Danish healthcare system, and especially their innovative approach with a strong commitment to learning contributed to the success of these classes.

We also want to thank the Danish university UC SYD for facilitating this collaboration and allowing our students to benefit from the expertise of Ms. Oertel and Mr. Stig. This international cooperation was made possible through the Erasmus+ Program’s participation. The program plays a crucial role in exchanging ideas and knowledge between our institutions, offering our students a unique and enriching experience.

Opening up to the world of physiotherapy: a unique experience for students

We are proud of the success of this international week and the positive impact it had on our students. We hope that this fruitful collaboration will continue in the future, allowing our students to continue benefiting from the teachings of experienced professionals and deepening their reflections in physiotherapy and the openness desired by CEERRF to the world.

Semaine internationale du CEERRF 2023 : le Danemark