CEERRF and UVSQ : a fruitful partnership !

This year, for the first time, we are thrilled to welcome students from the UVSQ (University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines) LAS2 Rehabilitation and Adaptation program into our technology courses at CEERRF. This historic collaboration marks a significant advancement in expanding educational opportunities and promoting a deeper understanding of the field of physiotherapy.


These UVSQ students will engage in a dynamic program encompassing clinical assessment techniques, passive and active mobilization methods, and physiotherapy. By completing these sessions and meeting the corresponding academic requirements, they will have the opportunity to seamlessly transition into the physiotherapy program in the following year, should they choose to pursue a career in this field.

For students opting to continue their studies in medicine, this unique exposure to physiotherapy practice will undoubtedly provide them with invaluable insights into the multiple dimensions of our profession. As future healthcare professionals, this hands-on experience will allow them to gain a holistic perspective on patient care, equipping them with a profound understanding of the potential impact of rehabilitation techniques on patient well-being.

We express our sincere gratitude to UVSQ for placing their trust in this collaboration, and we extend our heartfelt thanks, especially to Dr. Charles Joussain and Professor Fabien Billuart, who played pivotal roles as heads of the DU2R department at UVSQ.

This partnership exemplifies our commitment to enhancing the educational experience for future healthcare professionals and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration. Together, CEERRF and UVSQ set an example for the future of healthcare education, where interdisciplinary learning opportunities pave the way for competent, compassionate, and versatile professionals.

We anticipate a year of knowledge-sharing, growth, and exploration as we embark on this exciting journey alongside our UVSQ colleagues. Welcome to CEERRF, and may this academic year be filled with success and transformation!