Jeanne VANMAIRIS is physiotherapist, holder of a Master 2 in “Human biomechanics, ergonomics and clinical research”, University degree in Neurorehabilitation and “spasticity and neuro-orthopedics”, University degree in Interpretation of therapeutic trials in e-learning, and Laboratory practitioner.


Mathieu BERTHELOT is a Physiotherapist and D.U. and D.A.S. Therapeutic Patient Education as well as Liberal Practitioner (75)

Clément DE RENTY

Clément DE RENTY is a physiotherapist and certified in sports manual therapy (ITMP) and a liberal practitioner (95)

Christian LAPLACE

Christian LAPLACE is Anesthetist – Resuscitator, hospital practitioner in surgical resuscitation at the University Hospital of Bicêtre, Holder of a Diploma of Advanced Studies in cardiovascular and respiratory physiology and physiopathology, Holder of an Inter-University Diploma in echocardiography, Holder of a European Inter-University Diploma in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism. Trainer for the University Diploma in traumatology from the University of Paris XI, the IUD in echocardiography and the IUD in neuro-resuscitation


Lova NY AVANA is a Physiotherapist and Employed Practitioner (APHP)


Eric BLIN is a university graduate in ENT functional exploration, a university graduate in sensory disabilities / balance disorders, has a certificate in vestibular rehabilitation and is a private practitioner (95)


Aurélie MORICHON is a physiotherapist, Holder of a European Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy, Holder of a Master 2 in Science, Technology and Health and Pedagogical Framework at EFOM

Celeste ROUSSEAU is a physiotherapist, holder of a Doctorate on musculoskeletal disorders of musicians, a Master 2 STAPS mention Psychology, motor control and sports performance (Paris Saclay) and a Master 2 of Philosophy mention Care, ethics and health (Bordeaux Montaigne University)


Cesare COCUZZA is Physiotherapist, IAOM Orthopedic Manual Therapist and Hospital practitioner (75)