Using Trade expertise to serve education or how CEERRF sends their students to live practice

In our quality process we call upon physiotherapists with first class expertise and professional competence in their specialty. In neurology for example, it has been shown that vestibular rehabilitation can be effective in reducing symptoms related to many vestibular disorders. Vestibular disorders do not only affect the elderly but also patients of all ages. Those patients often experience problems with vertigo and dizziness. The reengineering of the profession has allowed us to combine University Education and Practical Experience, on this subject.

This specific rehabilitation, not only requires technical skills, but also the appropriate equipment.

In our continuing effort to provide a state of the art training environment, our students had the opportunity to get valuable practice from E. Blin whose practice is fully equipped to treat patients suffering from vestibular disorder. After completing a course of theoretical instruction, they were able to undergo practical training. They tried the Frenzel  goggles, optokinetic test, and more complex equipment as the use of Rotational chair (ROTO).

Eric Blin , is a specialized therapist in the vestibular rehabilitation. After obtaining his DE ( State Diploma France), he obtained a “certificat de réhabilitation vestibulaire”, then a “Diplôme universitaire Handicaps sensoriels / troubles de l’équilibre”, and a “Diplôme universitaire d’exploration fonctionnelle ORL”. Finally he went for a  Master 1 MPSI (Mouvement, performance, santé, ingénierie).

As Physiotherapist he has his own practice, he also brings his knowledge to several hospitals.

He has brought and share his proficiency with us, at “CEERRF” for several years now, therefore we would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his investment in the education of our students. We know how cumulating numerous activities can become overwhelming, we would like to share our appreciation for his involvement.

rééducation vestibulaire