Tutoring is a recent approach in our school, since it was initiated less than a decade ago. This help is organized by students to allow students from same or lower classes to participate in mock exams.

Saturday, September 30th, the first tutoring of the year took place. It was mainly dedicated to first-year students (K1), and allow them to train and review their Practice (TP). The objective of this first tutoring was to put the students in a situation of examination, in order to familiarize them, as soon as possible, with the course of this test.

For this first tutoring, requests were very important from the tutors, like K1; there were 28 different tutors for 53 K1 all day long.

During each tutoring, tutors (K2 or K3) are divided into pairs, each pair taking care of 2 or 3 tutored. As a first step, the tutors explain to K1 the conditions of examination of the test. Then, each tutor is assigned with a topic of Practice. The 2 or 3 tutored prepare their subject at the same time, before presenting it to us, one after another, in a timed duration. During these last 2 steps, the tutors shouldn’t step in so that real conditions of examination can be reproduced. After each passage, the tutors debrief tutored, explaining the positive and negative points. During this moment of exchanges between classes, tutors can also give advice to K1 tutored and answer any question they may have.

Following this first tutoring, the return of tutored and tutors was very positive. From a general point of view, they are willing to repeat the experience. The tutored especially liked reassuring tutor’s advices and being able to review the techniques seen in class and perfect them. This tutoring was also rewarding for tutors, allowing them to share both knowledge and experience on this event. See you soon for the next tutoring!

Maëva , your VP Tutoring.