The tutoring set up in our institute is a formative relationship between students : one taking the role of tutor, the other learning. This teaching method differs from the more classic model proposed by the professors of the institute. Indeed, the relationship shared by the tutor and the learner is more individualized, more flexible : we exchange, we share, we focus on different points so that this experience is beneficial on both sides. The role of tutors is not to impose their knowledge, but rather to best guide the learning of the different students.

It is important to emphasize the bidirectional aspect of this exchange. As said before, this experience is of interest for the tutored and for the tutor since by discussing it, the two are led to develop their knowledge, or even to question it. In addition, this system makes it possible to train different skills intrinsic to the profession of masseur-physiotherapist : communication or even learning.

Tutoring takes various forms, ranging from training situations during practical tutoring, to the implementation of sessions focused on the preparation of theoretical exams. The various tutorials are set up in close collaboration with the various members of the administration, who agree to make the school premises available to students, even on weekends.

For the year 2019-2020, it is a hundred of students from second, third and last year who decided to take part in this adventure and to join the group “tutors”.

On Saturday October 12, the first tutoring took place on the school premises. Fifty tutored and thirty tutors gathered to work on the fundamental techniques seen during the first weeks of training. The motivation of the tutors and tutored people is felt, since at the end of the schedules initially proposed, around twenty students stayed to continue the event.

The next session will take place on Saturday 9 November, where we are once again waiting for many students, learners and tutors, to share our knowledge once again.