On March 22nd and 23rd, CEERRF students went to 2 nursery schools in Saint-Ouen to participate in the Teddy Bears’ Hospital, an event organized by Ebisol, a student association of the Paris 7 faculty. So we went to schools with medical and paramedical students, such as medicines, pharmacies, midwives, radio … The aim is to desensitize children with white coats, showing them what each profession consists of. For our physiotherapy stand, we have set up different workshops.

Our goal was to show them the different roles of the physio through simple exercises, while remaining playful. We have access to our workshops on proprioception, since it is the easiest to set up, with elements such as cushions, balloons, a trampoline. We also had a workshop with crutches, for many of them, the handling of crutches was a first and it was not always obvious, so we tried to teach them the basic scheme so that they could use them more easily if they came to need them one day.

There was also a workshop to look after teddy bears, we showed them basic techniques of physiotherapy such as massages. These two days were a little different in group management since we had groups of 10-12 children to manage the first day and groups of only 3-4 children on the second day.

This event is very important for both children and students. For the children, it allows them to see that if they have to do to us, they do not have to be afraid, we are there for their good. For the students, this allows them to apprehend the reeducation with children, with the need to include playful means to favor the good cooperation of the child in the therapy, by making him want to return to see us during the sessions.