Presentation of the skills of the masseur-physiotherapist to K2 students

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Presentation of the skills of the masseur-physiotherapist to K2 students

3 students took the initiative to propose a present their skills related to the portfolio.

They share their experience.

“This writing aims to […]

Traineeship in Israel

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2 Ceerrf students had the opportunity to attend a traineeship in Israel, et more precisely in Tel-Aviv. This experience abroad is an opportunity to discover new techniques, rehab philosophies, ... and this is a bath we encourage within our institute.

Evidence Based Practice in rehabilitation

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Adrien Pallot is our Referent Work Methods and Research Methods in Biomedical Sciences. From his teaching experiences, he has just published a book on Evidence Based Practice in Rehabilitation.

Sport and Perineum congress

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Sport and Perineum Congress

Anne-Claire participated, as part of her dissertation, in a conference, she presents us her return.

Definition, challenges and phases of the project

How innovativein the field of rehabilitation is the […]

Bacchantes 2018

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Leaving the walls of the institute and get involved in the City is one of the objectives of our institute. therefor our students participate very regularly in professional or sports demonstrations. Héloïse, a K2 student, shares her experience from Bacchantes 2018

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