« Journée Évasion » avec l’association Premiers de Cordée

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« escape day » with Premiers de Cordée association

For the sanitary service, we had the opportunity to attend the “Escape day” organized by “1er de cordée” association. The event took place […]

Covid-19 screening campaign

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Screening in schools is one of the government's priorities in the fight against Covid-19. We have been asked by our supervisory authorities to join this collective effort within the framework of the health service. 62 sophomores stood up to reinforce health services and each of them carried out 3 screening days.

Publication of a reference book

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Publication of a reference book : Aurélie Morichon, our “Work and research methods in biomedical sciences and internship skills” referent, has just published in collaboration with Mr Rall and Le Faou a book entitled: “Public Health / Human and Social Sciences / Training and Professionalization. Elements for an ecology of professional practice ”.

Happy new year 2021

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A new year begins ... I can only wish every and each of you the best, given the continuing health crisis. However, it seems to me that the CEERRF, including of its supervisory team but also of the students, has been able to face the situation developing undeniable aptitudes of adaptation

CEERRF remains mobilized for a continuity of teaching facing Covid-19

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educational and administrative staff of the CERRRF is mobilized to respect recommendations as best as possible while maintaining as many courses as possible.

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