Some news from Fanny currently participating to 4L Trophy raid.

She presents us her logbook:

“We are on the eve of Valentine’s Day, Tuesday, February 13, our goal is not to find a “romantic restaurant” for the next day, but to ensure the smooth running of our departure for the raid 4L Trophy! While my co-pilot is heading to Tarbes to recover our survival rations, I get on a train to Biarritz where my friends and my family are already waiting for me.

Wednesday, February 14, we get up at dawn to begin the checks of the 4L car and to finalize the administrative formalities. Our first obstacle already shows up. Our 4L car flunks due to a poorly positioned towing ring. After a few screwdrivers and a good dose of stress, we achieve our first challenge!

Thursday, February 15, it is the announcement of the big departure. It was around noon that our crew departed, as well as the other 2006, for a two-day crossing, towards Algeciras in southern Spain.

After a restless night in the colors of the party, we begin the short crossing connecting Spain to Tangier in Morocco on Sunday, February 18th. Less than 2 hours later, here we are on African soil, but no time to linger, because the road is still long and we must, preferably, reach the Rabat region before dark.

Early wake-up, we are already left towards Boulajoul on Monday, February 19, a little further south of Morocco. Our road book indicates that we have traveled only 250km, so we are quite confident. Unfortunately, we had not thought that between us and the Boulajoul bivouac stood the Atlas. Our 4L, renamed “Tortue Géniale” because of its speed, doesn’t like climbing. After 8 hours of driving and vertiginous peaks at 20km/h, we finally manage to pass the snow-covered pass perched at 2200m above sea level. Some snowball battles and a good snack later, we go back down the Atlas, and at the same time gain 15 degrees that we lose immediately. In the desert, you can switch from 25 degrees to -5 degrees in a sunset!

After a winter night, here we are again on Tuesday, February 20th, towards Merzouga, our bivouac of 3 nights, with its dunes, its tracks and all its adventures! ”

You can follow her also on the Facebook “Tontons de Waikiki