Seniors’ House

On November 6th, many of our third-year students took part in setting up prevention workshops for seniors on the site of the <a href=””>Seniors’ House in Saint-Denis</a>.

The students were divided into different workshops to exchange with seniors.

A first group was in charge of welcoming and after a quick presentation of the school and their curriculum, they were able to establish a climate of confidence in the progress of the workshops, and presented them the 4 themes : Footwear, prevention of falls, soil surveys, hygiene measures.

The “shoes” workshop presented the principles to respect to choose shoes of quality. Many examples have been detailed in a practical way, including “choices to avoid”.

The falls prevention group was able to offer activities related to the preservation of balance and strength of the lower limbs.

The advice of hygiene of life was brought in a gamified form, thanks to a board game. Quizzes, pledges, points scored allowed the public to retain essential elements in food, nutrition, hydration, in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

The soil surveys, the most stressful part for the fragile people, were very well conducted and provoked adhesion and enthusiasm, some seniors believing themselves incapable of realizing them at first sight.

A mini-booklet allowed everyone to leave with the essential elements treated during these exchanges.

A very high satisfaction rate from Seniors and the quality of exchanges will allow us to renew this experience next year.

We would like to thank the Seniors’ House for their welcome, the participants for their involvement and our students for their investment.