This autumn allows us to welcome the 31st class in the CEERRF, and the third exclusively coming from our partner universities. It follows the first graduation of our ex-students resulting from reengineering. We take this opportunity to congratulate, again, our new colleagues graduated in July for their involvement during their studies, wishing them a rich professional career, as allowed by our profession, and that they can flourish for the benefit of the patient.

This new class will be coming from various university programs. This pluralism is part of the identity of CEERRF students, we are convinced that diversity is born curiosity and the desire to discover the other, important values ​​in our profession.

Pre-existing knowledge of the students will enrich the courses and emulation of the entire promotion. Indeed, in these studies, it is impossible to advance alone, in the first year the group work is important and essential.

This year will be dense, with new knowledge, know-how, DNA of our profession, and know-how related to working with each other to assimilate

Our institute focuses on fundamental knowledge, but also on research in order to allow future professionals to have a critical and enlightened reflection. We seek to make our students autonomous and actors in their training. Also in addition to traditional courses, courses supervised by second or third year will be given to them, to promote the transmission and create esprit de corps.

This year, our team will be strengthened by the arrival of Ms. Morichon who will have the exciting mission to make our students understand the concept of learning by skill. It will also bring students to reflect on the representations of the profession of masseur-physiotherapist.

We also thank our students, trainers and training courses for their involvement in carrying out our project.

Arnaud Cerolioli