The training objectives of CEERRF are to train thoughtful, invested and relevant professionals.

In addition to courses and educational systems that we have developed within the Institute, we extend our externalization by developing a partnership between the CEERRF and the ITMP Co-Lab. The aim is to enable students to develop their skills and support them in the appropriation of new knowledge.

This participatory laboratory aims to enable students to benefit from quality facilities and materials, so that they can perform non-invasive measures on the patient allowing them to evaluate their actions and advance knowledge.

This participatory laboratory is located physically in the Toulouse region, within the Astragale complex, whose manager, Christophe Mahieu, is a recognized specialist in the sporting world. But it is also in Vitry at ITMP headquarters. Of course, many materials can be borrowed to be closer to the needs.

These equipments will allow to assess actions taken and develop the culture of quantified, objectified and validated assessment.

In this structure, professionals and students will be able to discuss protocols, research methodologies and the publication of results. They will be able to benefit from a support and a participative accompaniment thanks to the methodological resources available in the Co-LAB.

Ce laboratoire, en lien avec les enseignements au sein de notre institut va permettre aux étudiants de développer un projet de recherche, de le réaliser et de pouvoir exploiter ce travail dans le cadre de leur mémoire, et au-delà, nous l’espérons, dans la production d’articles scientifiques.

All of this knowledge is for the benefit of the patient through a rise in general competence of the profession.

Our wish, through this innovative system, is to develop knowledge, and especially to develop critical thinking on techniques, practices and clinical reasoning …

The participative side, in essence, will allow the exchange between students and graduates, both recent and confirmed. This emulation, we hope, will allow the development of new ideas and the formation of an even more important esprit de corps within our profession and our institutions.