Back to school 2021

After 18 months of remote, then hybrid courses, we are pleased to welcome our students back in our premises. Reconnect with the so-called “amphitheater” courses in normal gauge, be able to exchange without screens in between ….

Even the students seem satisfied, when most of them come back from vacation, to be able to join the institute’s benches! And in their own way, our students were able to participate this year in the national health effort either by strengthening the teams (in particular the CFA) or by joining testing and vaccination centers.

The past school year went off in a completely satisfactory manner from a pedagogical point of view, and we managed to maintain our usual deadlines without falling behind, in accordance with what had been announced to the students in order not to disrupt them in their plans.
Building on the “Covid 19” experience and its consequences on the organization, we have chosen to continue developing an “agile” organization where videoconferencing will retain a key role, in particular to allow the intervention of distant trainers or limit the sometimes very long trips of our students …

Students in difficulty can also be followed more easily, thanks to “physical” meetings favoring constructive exchanges with a view to their success.

Anxious to always improve the training system, this year we have chosen to develop research in “Human and Social Sciences”, so fundamental for our daily exercise as well as to open up to the international thanks to the under construction Erasmus charter.

I take this opportunity to thank our always faithful trainers as well as the training courses which have not been unworthy in this troubled period.

I wish each and everyone of you a successful school year full of satisfaction and success!
Happy return to all!