In our training, we focus on the transmission, research and development of knowledge. Our goal is to train future reflexive professionals.

We ask students to regularly provide productions in order to give them automatic questions and thoughts that we hope will be applied in their future practice.

Therefore the pedagogical team is committed to applying to itself what is requested from students. It is in this context that we participate in writing articles.

Since September, we have participated in the writing of 9 articles published in 2 professional journals: Kinésithérapie la revue and  profession kiné.

These articles cover public health topics (UE1), EU4 anatomy but also research (UE8) and practice (UE7). Finally, by addressing the pathological, they echo the UE 15 and 19. Finally, we find articles on the Cape Town International Congress Adrien Pallot attended.

Our goal is to synthesize practical and theoretical knowledge.

Our role within an IFMK requires us to maintain the knowledge we transmit to students at the highest level in order to promote our legitimacy as a training institute.

We are committed to working as a team in order to concretize knowledge, to make the link between knowledge and practical transposition so that our practices evolve and pass through the prism of knowledge, without dogmatism.

Writing articles makes it possible to support and develop our profession. Succession must be ensured by our students who will become our future colleagues and our future whether it is in the development of knowledge, education or taking care of our patients.

While waiting for the publications of our students …


We also thank the editors for their trust.


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