Bryan, who graduated in 2017, has published an article in Kinésithérapie, la revue.

This article is directly derived from his end-of-year work and represents the purpose of this work. It allows to valorize his personal investment in his éducation, but also to value the work of all the trainers of the CEERRF which allowed him to develop his critical spirit, his methodology, a professional curiosity … all at the service of the profession and the patient.

He shares his experience.

“If I had to answer why I decided to turn my thesis into a scientific publication, there are several reasons.

The first one is a personal satisfaction because I’m proud that my level and skills were good enough for the publishers so that my work is taken seriously.

The second one is even more important for me. As a healthcare professional, it is essential to provide quality data, so that our discipline is revaluated in the eyes of other medical professions, patients and French healthcare system.

This work of data production, within the medical disciplines, participates in the evolution towards which I would like that healthcare evolves: an optimization of patients’ care path, as well as an update of the most efficient treatments / diagnostics .

If we demonstrate our added value in this healthcare system, then we will have the necessary arguments to ask for a review of the acts we perform. We must then prove it through literature.

This work of synthesis and analysis was a very rewarding challenge for me and I’m considering doing the experience again in order to improve my practice thereafter. A critical mind and being familiar with reading critical articles seem essential to me to be able to carry out this kind of work. These last two elements are incredible tools to improve patients’ management who are more and more moving towards so called science due to certain beliefs, lack of confidence or disappointment towards physiotherapy, lack of scientific culture …

I would recommend to anyone who believes they have a good thesis, to publish it. Even though the problem seems to have been addressed before. The purpose is to check data or update knowledge.”

We strongly believe he will pursue in his daily practice what he started in our institute.