Publication of a reference book

Aurélie Morichon, our “Work and research methods in biomedical sciences and internship skills” referent, has just published in collaboration with Mr Rall and Le Faou a book entitled: “Public Health / Human and Social Sciences / Training and Professionalization. Elements for an ecology of professional practice ”.

This work is part of the collection “The essentials in physiotherapy” directed by Adrien Pallot our “Work and research methods in biomedical sciences” Referent , author of the first volume: “Evidence Based Practice in rehabilitation”, which has had great publishing success.

Among the reviewers, we find 3 former CEERRF students who graduated in 2020 and 2 students, currently in K3 and K4.
This remarkable book echoes the excellent courses our students can benefit from by this brilliant trainer. We warmly thank her for that. CEERRF is particularly proud to benefit from their expertise in the service of the training of our students. These books are directly used in class, through tutorials which gives them even more meaning.

These books are echoing the 2015 reform of physiotherapy studies in France, their content being distributed in relation to the Teaching Units (UE) and Integration Units (UI) defined in the new program. Matching the students’ needs, they will also be a useful tool for any professional wishing to stay up to date.

Each book offers for each field of professional skills of the physiotherapist a reasoned approach based on the identification of the patient’s signs and symptoms then on their reflective integration according to the bio-psycho-social model.

This approach largely inspired by the International Classification of Functioning and Handicap responds to the skills-based approach introduced by the reform and allows the (future) professional to provide the best possible responses and care to the patient. All books from this collection offer in a colorful layout, solid and high-level content based on the evidence-based practice approach, supported by numerous frames, illustrations and focus on essential / important concepts. This book, opening the collection, adresses through 3 main parts and 20 chapters, several important topics of training in physiotherapy namely Public Health (UE1 – UE14 – UE24) Human and Social Sciences (UE2) and also deals with pedagogy through the subjects of Training and Professionalization (UI10 – UI25 – UI29).

Well done and thank you!