Since September 15th, 2015 education reengineering is effective. It is made of 2 parts:


From the beginning of 2021 academic year, all students will join training courses of accredited physiotherapy training institutes (IFMK) after one academic year (L1) spent, validated and ranking in university, mainly PASS, LAS, STAPS and SCIENCES. In practice, many institutes have agreed with several universities (up to a dozen, and often the same ones in the Paris region) to make sure all available places will be filled.


Each accredited physiotherapy training institute must have entered into partnership with a university by June 2019 (first graduates on 4 years training). Current partnerships are diverse: students can follow university courses (Medicine, Surgery …) at University, university teachers sometimes come to the institute and finally in some institutes, the educational project is the bridge between both structures. Education is based on 2 “impervious” cycles of 2 years each, completed by internships (including a 12 weeks’ fellowship at the end of the curriculum) and punctuated by a defense in front of a jury composed of academics and professionals.

Lessons are made of basic courses (Medicine, Anatomy, physio-pathology …), of “Science and Physiotherapy” (Business specific) and of “Learning & Deepening” (clinical training and introduction to research). Each academic year can be repeated when a student doesn’t reach 52 ECTS (credits) after exam re-take. He must then validate the missing learning units (UE) the year after.

Future graduates will obtain the number of credits corresponding to a Master 2 degree (Bac +5) without qualifying for it, for now (no physiotherapy specialty).

The purpose of this reform is to train autonomous and enlightened practitioners with “analytical” capacity thanks to “new” research-oriented courses. The training should include more “evidence-based” bibliographic references. Dogmatism and empiricism must be clearly understood from the teachers. Finally, the profession wishing to gain access in first intention, it is our duty to train our students to identify the seriousness factors originating a change of path in patient care. This reform is also an opportunity to include into the curriculum, the foundations of an “enlightened manual therapy” like our Anglo-Saxon colleagues.

Physiotherapy studies


  • Schooling cost and duration: 8900€/year for 4 years
  • 4 years training completed by regular clinical internships.
  • Validation of 240 ECTS over 2 cycles of 2 years each.
  • Academic project based on empowerment to train future enlightened practitioners.

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