Initial training in physiotherapy is primarily a broad-based education: whoever learns should be capable of mastering the essential tools (techniques, theories, rational path) in order to face situations of alternative care, every day. Physiotherapists are considered as mass-consumers of continuing education, for a variety of reasons.

First of all, there are countless guidance, concepts and approaches to help the physiotherapist in his day to day practice (manual therapy, neuro-sensory approaches, MacKenzie concept …).

In addition, physiotherapists sometimes choose to practice in a more specific area (pediatrics, vestibular rehabilitation …) which often requires more training. Thus, our colleagues take part in trainings of particularly variable durations ranging from a few days to several months (Osteopathy for instance). Some of these courses allow the practitioner to enhance his experience, especially on business cards or sign as long as it is part of the list approved by the French Board of Physiotherapists.

By law, these training courses do not allow to apply a different rate to a subsidized practice, but can lead to different types of practice (maintenance gym, global approaches).

As part of the pedagogical project, CEERRF has developed a privileged partnership with Institut de Thérapie Manuelle et de Physiothérapie – Manuel Therapy and Physiotherapy Institute (ITMP) which provides training sessions on reasoned manual therapy.

Some more partnerships including sports clubs and patient associations, are in the process of being launched.

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