The physiotherapist can choose his mode of practice: liberal or/and employee. As an employee, his salary will range from 1200 to 2400€ per month on average, alongside a regulated working time (35h / week). The type of practice can vary from public to geriatric sector, through functional rehab services as well as resuscitation. Practicing in a rehab center is very popular and they have a chance to participate in the management of patients with surgery or brain-damaged, for instance.

As a liberal professional, the average revenue is around 38 000€ net per year, but it’s a very time consuming practice. It’s often a general practice, even if some colleagues sometimes choose to move towards specific activities (pediatrics, sports …). The practice is mainly based upon medical prescription, and physiotherapist can also undertake other parallel activities within his practice (osteopathy, fitness …). Many practitioners work alone in their practice but the current trend is to group together (MSP …) to share skills and availability. Finally, practicing in rural areas greatly differs from urban areas, each with advantages and disadvantages (proximity with patients or not, fixed expenses e.g. rent, workload …)

The physiotherapist can also practice in both sectors, even in basic and continuing training, ergonomics, sports club … Thus, many colleagues use additional trainings ranging from a Certificate to a University degree, to drastically leverage their strengths in these various areas.

Either way, the practice shall respect legal provisions of the code of ethics.

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