Continuous education is particularly diverse and consists of 2 main fields:

It corresponds to 2 systems.

fifpl - Formation continueFIF-PL is a fund allowing liberal professionals to join certified courses according to a specification and associated with a financial compensation paid to the professional; the topics are varied and the duration of training can be very different (assessment physiotherapy, osteopathy …).

dpc - Formation continue« Développement Professionnel» known as « DPC » consists of a training offer that must include a meditation period on “the state of practices” and an orientation based on the improvement of professional practices. It is compulsory every 3 years.

In both cases, the practitioner is free to sign up for trainings he is interested in, especially according to his type of professional practice. It is also an opportunity for remote practitioners to share experiences and doubts.

This time, it is the whole offer available on the continuous education market, which amounts are tax-deductible if the chosen training topic is related to the therapist’s field of expertise. The Board of Physiotherapists is vigilant about the potentially sectarian or too esoteric nature of some programs, advising professionals at the same time to avoid taking part in. This notwithstanding, this offer allows practitioners to diversify his practice according to particular requests from patients, for instance (Specific gymnastics, new fitness concepts …).

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French Public Health Code and proposal from the French Board of Physiotherapists.

Definition and Role

Clarification of the role and responsibilities of a physiotherapist.

Which practice?

Each physiotherapist has the choice of practice: liberal or employee

Liberal or Employee

Some information to enlighten your decision.

Board of Physiotherapists

The Board of Physiotherapists is a private institution in charge of regulating a public service.

Public service mission

Administrative management, ethics, mutual assistance to ensure quality of care and patient safety.