The Board of Therapists is a private-law body entrusted with a public service mission. The only professional institution that brings together and federates all physiotherapists, whatever their status, their type and place of practice.

There are 16 professional Boards in France, sharing the same obligation: the general interest, the patient’s (or user’s) interest is taking precedence over the individual interest of the practitioner. Boards are the regulating authorities of regulated professions that have them.

Board’s missions are set by law. Therefore, the Board is officially in charge of ensuring the maintenance of principles of morality, of probity, of mandatory skills to practice physiotherapy, as well as respect by all its members, of the rights, duties and professional obligations, including the rules set out by the code of ethics.

Administrative management

The first mission, acknowledged by law, is an administration management role.

This is a day to day duty. The Board is in charge of establishing and updating the list of professionals qualifying for practicing in France (Diploma control, verification of contracts related to the profession, morality conditions, control of proficiency in French …)

The board handles the registration, delivers the required authorizations (announcements in the press, authorization of second medical sign, recognition of university degrees, right to manage authorization, opening of a tertiary practice …), manages the transfers of departments, temporary or permanent cessations of practice.


Another mission of the Board is to make sure physiotherapy deontology is being respected.

The Board of Physiotherapists guarantees the quality of care to ensure patient’s safety. To carry out these missions, several levels are established: a national council, departmental and regional councils.


Assistance missions: departmental council can assist physiotherapists: severe diseases, accidents, death, the council also helps the families, for various administrative procedures, but also materially. Brotherhood and solidarity become then meaningful.

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