For few years now, we are regularly asked by some CEERRF students about Apprenticeship Training Contract.

This contract allows a student to follow courses in a Physiotherapy Accredited Training Institute (IFMK), and work at the same time for a healthcare institution. He becomes an “apprentice employee” who receives a salary and gets tuition fees covered by the employer.

ADAFOSS CFASince June 2013, CEERRF entered into partnership with ADAFORSS CFA and proposes to its students places in 2nd year, 3rd year and 4th year.

The apprentice shall work for his employer a number of years equal to the number of years funded.

Gary & Kevin, 2 news apprentices at Clinique de L’Estrée

Gary & Kevin, 2 news apprentices at Clinique de L’Estrée.

The institute wished to set up this system for three reasons

  • his allows the student to follow courses, working at the same time for a healthcare institution, and have a first professional experience and become more professional, faster.
  • It makes regional sector, subject to a shortage of recruitment, more attractive.
  • It makes the student much more financially independent towards his family, banks and avoid odd jobs.

Prerequisite to benefit from this system

  • The apprentice must be under 30 years old, on the day of the Apprenticeship contract signature

  • The first year of training must be validated
  • The student must find an employer who accepts this system
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Apprenticeship Training Contract

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