This year therefore operates in the mode of a preparatory year of selection. The eligible ranking to integrate the Institute is the one from the current year; the results in June are valid for the September back to school period of the same year.

Once their L1 validated, accepted candidates will therefore have already capitalized 60 ECTS. This will be added to the 240 ECTS distributed during the 4 year course in CEERRF.

Temporary places agreement
(IFMK integration in september 2021)

Admission modalities in Masso-physiotherapy are being modified following the new reform of IFMK admission (Law of January 17th, 2020).

Access will be done through PASS (Parcours d’Accès Spécifique Santé) and / or LAS (Licence avec une option Accès Santé) and will remain the same for STAPS et SCIENCES paths.

The modalities have yet to be determined as well as the final number of places by sector which is currently being studied with our partner universities.

LAS / PASS How does it work ?


  • UVSQ UFR Simone Veil Santé L1 (University PARIS-SACLAY): 12 places
  • University PARIS-SACLAY L1 : 4 places
  • University of Paris L1 : 4 places

  • University Sorbonne Paris Nord – Bobigny L1 : 2 places



  • University PARIS-EST CRETEIL LAS1 (Health sciences Bachelor – Healthcare option) : 1 place and LAS2/LAS3 (Health sciences Bachelor – Healthcare option) : 1 place
  • University PARIS-SACLAY LAS2 : 3 places



  • University PARIS-SACLAY – University EVRY Val-d’Essonne L1 : 6 places
  • University Paris Nanterre : integration 2021/2022 -> L1 : 7 places – integration 2022/2023 -> L1 5 places et L2 2 places

  • University PARIS-SACLAY L1 : 6 places

  • University PARIS-SACLAY L2 : 2 places

  • University of Paris L1 : 12 places

  • University Sorbonne Paris Nord L1 : 2 places



Sciences – Technology – Health (STS)

  • UVSQ UFR Simone Veil Santé L1 (University PARIS-SACLAY): 10 places (Licence Chemistry-Biology)
  • University PARIS-SACLAY L1 : 2 places (BCST Licence in Biology-chemistry-Hearth Sciences)

  • Université Sorbonne Paris Nord L1 : 2 places (Bachelor of life sciences)

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