The CEERRF has developed a network of partners prior or after your studies of physiotherapist. Its goal is to prepare you to face these challenges, but also diversify your knowledge once your training is complete. Partners and universities are therefore an integral part of this virtuous network aiming at turning our students into effective and passionate healthcare professionals.

Universities validating ECTS

Versailles – Saint Quentin en Yvelines University

Faculty of Medicine.
Founding member of DU2R (University Department of Re-education and Rehabilitation)

Partners : Faculty of Medicine - Versailles - Saint Quentin en Yvelines University

Universities for selection

Paris Est Créteil University (ex Paris 12)

Since 1971, Paris-Est Créteil Val de Marne University (UPEC) is in all fields of knowledge, and train each year more than 30 000 students in more than 300 disciplines, from bachelor to doctorate degree.

Partners : Paris Est Créteil Val de Marne University

Paris Sud Orsay University (ex Paris 11)

Paris-Sud University is renowned for its basic research leadership (mathematics, physics) but also in the field of health sciences, law or sport sciences.

Partners : Paris Sud Orsay University (ex Paris 11)

Paris Descartes University (ex Paris V)

With its 9 Training and Research Units (UFR) and its University Institute of Technology (IUT), Paris Descartes University covers all the knowledge in human and health sciences. The one and only university in Paris area to gather Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry faculties, its Health center is famous in Europe and Worldwide.

Partners : Paris Descartes University (ex Paris V)

Paris Ouest – Nanterre La Défense University (ex Paris 10)

Stage for an eventful history that has left its mark on the academic world at the end of the 60s, University Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense today offers university community something truly special: a 32 hectares’ campus, next to La Défense, biggest European business center, and high connectivity to public transports.

Partners : Paris Ouest - Nanterre La Défense University

Evry – Val d’Essonne University

The University of Evry is a multidisciplinary institution, engaged in professionalization, renowned for its quality of training and research. It is also a convenience institution resonating strongly with its territory and partners. Created in 1991, it welcomes 10 000 students and offers more than 160 trainings.

Partners : Evry Val d

Paris 13 – Bobigny University

University Paris 13 is one of the 13 universities who followed La Sorbonne in 1968. Today, it welcomes 24 000 students, spread across 5 campuses, in initial or continuous education. Truly multidisciplinary, University Paris 13 is a major educational and research hub in the north of Paris.

Partners : Paris 13 Bobigny University

Historic partners


PREPA MEDSUP is a preparatory school for the PACES academic year (Medicine, physiotherapy, midwife, pharmacist, dental surgeon).

Partners : MEDSUP


IFSUP is a medical and technical preparatory school for nurses and child care assistant professions.

Partners : Ifsup

Institut de Thérapie Manuelle de Physiothérapie (ITMP)

ITMP is a continuous education institute for healthcare managers, French leader in Manual Therapy training.

Partners : Institut de Thérapie Manuelle et de Physiothérapie (ITMP)

Other partners


ADAFORSS institute is creating trainings, specialized in assisting professionals from health, social and medico-social sectors, as well as trainings through apprenticeship.

Partners : Adaforss

Inspirar – Brazil

For more than 20 years, Inspirar group is active in 14 countries and runs 18 franchises throughout Brazil. Its vocation is to transfer knowledge and excellence to its students. As the main network in health education on Brazilian market, it offers more than 4000 degree courses, and already trained more than 25 000 students.

Partners : Inspirar Brésil

Paris 8 University

Education Science department.
Bachelor in Education sciences is a generalist one, as a first cycle course, allowing students to understand phenomenon, processes, players and institution in the field of education.

Partners : Paris 8 University

Reims Champagne Ardenne University

STAPS department, M2 biomechanics sector
Teachers-researchers from STAPS UFR develop research in different scientific fields related to sport and locomotion skills: exercise physiology, biomechanics of human movement, sports management, sociology of sport and physical activity, psychology of sport and exercise …

Partners : Reims Champagne-Ardenne University

Santé Formation

Santé Formation is a company aiming at training Health professionals on site or in one of their two premises in Paris area. Santé Formation can also design for you and your team custom made trainings.

Santé Formation

Technic Kine Medical

TKM is a designer and manufacturer of electric massage tables, made in France, targeting physiotherapists, osteopaths, etiopaths or doctors. TKM also designs static massage tables, rehab chairs, or medical material.

Santé Formation

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