New graduates in masso-physiotherapy

The new promotion of CEERRF physiotherapists graduated from the famous buildings of the “Légion d’honneur” in Saint-Denis, in the presence of elected representatives we thank for their presence.

This promotion is special, as it’s the first one after the training reengineering initiated in September 2015.

This reform has lengthened the duration of studies from 3 to 4 years and especially allowed us to enter the era of university education, in collaboration with our partner, the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin, and our scientific advisor, Professor François Genêt.

This promotion faced, not without brio for some, to the research paper. We can be proud of the production of several high-level thesis, some of which are on the way to publication.

At the same time, our students have been able to continue to benefit from practical lessons, “the core business”, in addition to interventions aimed at stimulating reflection and critical thinking. Thus, our main educational objective was to enable them to learn how to use the tools adapted to the implementation of referenced and optimal reeducational strategies.

Most of them have been involved in their training just like our trainers, whom we warmly thank for their renewed involvement. Most of them are also practitioners and the requirement of their work is to teach a practice enlightened by science but not abandoning experiential knowledge.

We take this opportunity to also thank the places of training, key players of the professionalization, which allow the cognitive conflict necessary to the professionalization of our future colleagues.

Finally, we also thank the entire administrative team who can make themselves available to optimize the conditions for the success of our students.

Congratulations and safe journey to New Graduates

Arnaud Cerioli & Stéphane Evelinger

All photos from the graduation ceremony