The IFMK is further strengthening its health system.

In order to ensure the reception of students with maximum security, we have made many adjustments and adaptations. We have reinforced the presence of hydroalcoholic solution dispenser terminals in each of the practical work rooms and we have installed a stand-up dispenser on each floor.

We have removed the table protectors and in the interests of hygiene, students must be provided with an individual table cover. Several surface disinfectants are at their disposal and they must disinfect the tables at the end of each lab and open the windows to limit the concentrations.

In accordance with the recommendations, we have limited the number of students present in the IFMK by adjusting the schedules without reducing the number of courses or reducing the quality of the courses. We have also modified the circulation in the premises by limiting the phases where students can walk around each other.

The lectures are carried out exclusively remotely. Aware of the difficulty that our students may encounter, particularly due to the digital discrepancies, they have the possibility to attend these courses at the IFMK in a room where this course is screened.

Still in this process of protecting workers and students, the premises were disinfected with ozone during the holidays by a specialized company and we tested the disinfection for several months by installing UV terminals in this sensitive area. According to the company nouvellerfd “Low pressure lamps which produce UV-C rays. They emit the desired wavelength: 253.7nm and will be effective in destroying pests. At the precise wavelength of 253.7nm, UV rays immediately inactivate microorganisms by causing photochemical reactions in their DNA. The reproduction of pathogens is then stopped. They are inactivated and / or destroyed.”

Enabling our students to learn while respecting their safety remains our priority.