KFC 2018 Finals, by Adrien Duval at the microphone …

Today, this Saturday, June 23, 2018 takes place the KFC Finals (Kiné football Cup)! opposing the octopuses of the defending ADERF and the CEERRF, back in the foreground of this competition. It was with the help of the many CEERRF supporters and pompomgirls that the final was about to start.

0 ‘: The kick-off and given by the ADERF team under a blazing sun.

10 ‘: The 2 blocks are perfectly in place. A huge war in midfield, the duels are tough but no dangerous action at the moment.

35 ‘: The octopus manage to roll back the CEERRF, Sofiann Arabi deviates the ball perfectly to the edge of the surface for Hugo Charbonnier who does not ask questions and takes the leather of a volley perfectly balanced. The goalkeeper of the CEERRF Benjamin Bossuet extends but can not do anything. The ball comes to lodge in the opposite skylight. GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL and what a goal! ADERF takes control of the match 1-0
Big blow on the head taken by the CEERRF.

36 ‘: The Ceerrf team must react and make 4 changes to try to destabilize the opposing block.

45 ‘: The referee Alexis Agier whistles the end of this first period of a nice match balanced with little action but rewarded by a goal from another planet!

45 ‘: Resumption of hostilities with the kickoff given by the team led.

60 ‘: The CEERRF is trying to push but the debates remain balanced and the duels become more and more contested in the image of Sofiane Tamazouzt the CEERRF prodigy that comes out a few moments and come back with a pretty coquart.

78 ‘: Nathan Deshayes, the other big rookie of the CEERRF, overflows on his left side, combines with Diego Melilla who center strong to the ground, Paul Laparre and Tibo Thoux arrive launched like hornets but it is the defender Vince Rsl who is ahead of them, deflects the ball that comes to die at the bottom of the cages of the ADERF! Goal for the CEERRF who comes back! It promises an anthological end of match !!!

83 ‘: The reboosted Ceerrfians finally find spaces but the goalkeeper of the octopus is hot. Stephen Hall is twice ahead of winger Paul Laparre at the peril of his beautiful and sweet face.

90 ‘: It is on a score of parity (1-1) that the end of the match ends. EXTENSION!!!

95 ‘: Free kick for the ADERF Paul Talbodec takes care of it !! The ball is floating .. a center or a shot ?! Only he could tell us! the Ceerrfian goalkeeper tramples .. but the ball goes over! It’s getting closer for ADERF!

98 ‘: The CEERRF round to hit a free kick near the surface obtained by Adrien Duval. Diego Melilla takes the ball, Sofiane Tamazouzt comes to challenge him but it is the central defender Solly Sené who takes his responsibilities with authority. He rushes his ball over the wall (apparently deflected by Thibaut Lacaze), the goalkeeper hears all his long, touches the ball with the fingertips! The ball comes to lodge in the skylight !!!!!!!!!!! GOOOAAAAALLLLLL !!!! and another goal from elsewhere! 2-1 CEERRF

102 ‘: The ADERF pushes and chains corners and free kicks and despite beautiful center Paul Talbodec and a beautiful head of Sofiann Arabi who passes a few inches from the left post!

105 ‘: Last change on both sides. The CEERRF leads but the ADERF grows, the terrible penalty shootout is in everyone’s head!

112 ‘: Elies for the ADERF is launched on the left side of the penalty area hits hard !!!! Refused by Benjamin Bossuet and prevents the ball from going under the bar. CEERRF is hot but that’s fine.

115 ‘: The ADERF grows but leaves spaces, and the Ceerrfians counter are not long in coming! Tibo Thoux and Damien Rech miss the opportunity to kill the match !!! The fault of a miraculous double stop of Stephen Hall. The goalkeepers are making an impressive game.

118 ‘: Action that we would all do on FIFA. face to face! go back for Benjamin Commeureuc who arrives launched against the empty goal ……. He misses !!!!! 2-1 still !!! Be careful not to miss these opportunities !!!

120 ‘+ 1’: Overflow on the right side last action for the ADERF !!! Beautiful combination of the front men who are in the surface! Strike tense at the edge of the ground !!!!!!!!! Benjamin Bossuet (again) goes down quickly on his supports and stops this ultimate shot of the matchhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!!!!! Victory of the CEERRF 4 years later !!!!!! At the end of a thrilling match and full of rebound. They thwarted all the prognosis.

Victory CEERRF 2-1

Thanks to ADERF for this match and the fair play!

Back to the studio! See you next year for a new season even more exciting !! Hoping that the summer recruits will be good. To you the studios.