Jerez 2018

Through the partnerships we have developed, Claire, a sophomore, was able to participate in the Moto race of Jerez in Spain during her internship. she shares with us her experience :

“For my second year of study at the CEERRF, I did my internship at Astragale near Toulouse. Thanks to my tutor, Mr Mahieu, I had the chance and opportunity to go on the official circuit de Jerez in Andalusia to be part of the Mel Racing Team: a French speed bike team competing in the Spanish championship CEV (campeonato español de velocidad).

For this last race of the season, three riders of the team were entered in the Super Sport 300 category (31 pilots in total). My role was to ensure the warm-up and the recovery of the riders.

Before each session, I programmed a warm-up in three stages: a cardio phase to increase the body temperature, then a phase of active joint heating and finally a stage of active muscular stretching as well (because the speed motorcycle requires a lot of flexibility to accompany the bike when taking corner).

For cardio, I offered alternately either skipping rope or interval training. Then I asked the riders to perform soft and slow movements to warm the main joints (neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hip, knees, ankles). Before switching to stretching, I was doing with the riders a responsiveness exercise with tennis balls : I was calling one of the three riders, giving him a direction and he had to catch with his right or left hand or both, the ball I was throwing.

This warm-up was intended to prepare the riders for physical and psychic effort by improving their concentration (increase of attention and decrease of apprehension by exercises of mental visualization of the circuit’s curves).

Jerez 3
Jerez 2

After the session debrifing with the engineer and the driving coach, I took the riders one after another to perform stretches and recovery massages.

Riders were often contracted on the neck, trapezius, spine erector and adductors. I massaged them with decontracting and recuperative maneuvers as well as stretching : passive or lifted as learned at the beginning of the second year. ”

I questioned the riders about possible pains (following catch-ups during imbalances for example). I was flexible so that the riders could continue in the least painful way possible by laying k-tape or strappes as my tutor had shown.

This past week with the Mel Racing Team was a very rewarding and exciting experience. For a week, I found myself immersed in the world of the speed bikes, following every race from the box or the edge of the mythical circuit of Jerez that I usually observed from my television. Professionally, practicing on the field in autonomy taught me a lot : should the slightest doubt arise, I could refer to my tutor who immediately directed me on what I had to do.

For the first season after the creation of the team, the riders of the Mel Racing Team ranked 13th, 25th and 26th, very encouraging results given the level of competition of this very competitive Spanish championship.

I thank the Mel Racing Team and my tutor, Mr Mahieu for trusting me to take care of their riders and to have allowed me to live this wonderful experience. “