On December 4th, took place the Irénée awarding ceremony organized by URPS (Union Régionale des Professionnels de Santé) kiné Ile-de-France. Several CEERRF students have submitted their dissertation. A jury made up of professionals judged the relevance of the subject with regards to the liberal practice.

This evening was attended by several directors of IFMK and educational leaders, as well as officials of the ARS.

We are happy and proud to announce that the first 2 prizes have been awarded to 2 CEERRF students. Anaïs won the second prize for a dissertation on the interest of taping in lymphoedema and Antoine won the first prize for a dissertation dealing with early eccentric work following muscle damages.

Their dissertations were evaluated in a totally blind manner by professionals according to an evaluation grid. The top 5 were chosen to be defended in front of a jury composed of URPS members.

These awards are a tribute to the work of these students, but also of all the teachers who are getting involved in order to allow our students to develop their reasoning and to our internship partners who contribute to the development of their skills. The goal is really to empower these future professionals.

These awards are also a reflection of the students’ investment in their training for the full benefit of patients. They help to advance a reflexive, evidence-based practice while maintaining a clinical sense, essence of our profession.

We also thank all the members of URPS Kiné Ile-de-France and their partners for their hospitality and for this initiative that highlights the work done by all students. The valorization of these works will, without any doubt, allow the emulation and the emergence of equally relevant works.