Flavien, former student of CEERRF, doctoral student in biomedical engineering, will make a presentation to CEERRF for our students on innovation and new technologies in physiotherapy.

He shares with us a different approach organized on April 13th.

The “Innovation and DIY in Physiotherapy” workshop is THE time to learn about new prototyping technologies and to train you in health innovation. On April 13, come to shape your innovative ideas in rehabilitation!

Objective: answer to physiotherapic problems through a training day supervised by a multidisciplinary team.
Want to hack a balance board? To create a connected knee brace? To use a laser cutter? To gamify an anatomy course? Or simply to learn more about new technologies for health?

In this case, register quickly at the innovation workshop that will take place at MakerLab (24 Rue du Faubourg St. Jacques, Paris) on April 13th.

The most motivated people will be able to join the summer school of CRI: 7 weeks to develop your project and to make them subject of thesis of end of study. The best ideas can be presented during ENPHE’s conference “Innovation and Multidisciplinarity in Physiotherapy” in September.

For more information, get in touch with your institue management team and rendez-vous on April 3rd for a live presentation at CEERRF.