Interest of a Mooc.

In our training program , students have the possibility of carrying out Massive Open Online Course or Mooc. But many people ask what is the interest of a Mooc.

Thibaut, K4 student, brings us his vision

“Summary of the interest of the MOOC on the systemic approach for the governance of health systems :

I chose this MOOC in order to be able to get information on the different elements that could be taken into account during the construction and implementation of health systems.

In the latter, a promoted system was trying to connect patients with providers who were in this case local health professionals.

To do this, it was necessary to organize cohesion between these different health actors around patient care so that it was optimized and made it possible to avoid re-hospitalization of these patients.

An important notion that has been explained in this Mooc is the notion of feedback.

This notion seemed to me to be very relevant and applicable to my thesis subject which is related to the care of the elderly in post-fall syndrome. Indeed, as it is explained in this Mooc, a feedback loop will be created between the different health actors in this case. That is to say, for a system to work, each of the parts must also work. Because if one of the links in the system fails, the rest will suffer and will malfunction as well.

More concretely during the care of an elderly person who has fallen, it is necessary that the multidisciplinary care which will be organized around him or her be as efficient as possible to allow the taking into account of the all the factors that can contribute to the fall and offer the person the most optimal care as possible.

This Mooc helped reinforce the idea I had on the complexity of setting up a patient-centered system. Indeed, the collaboration between the various health professionals is a very delicate mission to fulfill for health services.

For my dissertation, this allowed me to highlight the relationship that the different professionals had to maintain for the care of the elderly in post-fall syndrome.

This Mooc also brought me a lot of information on how to model situations and systems of care processes, as well as on theories of change that may apply in our society. The care processes are interspersed with interactions between different actors, which must be tried to optimize as much as possible in order to offer people the best quality of care possible.

These elements are essential to take into account in my future professional practice. ”

To conclude, I’m happy to have chosen this Mooc because it has allowed me to discover new concepts regarding the implementation of different health systems in particular.

It has also comforted me in the idea that when I would be a health professional myself, I should be in the obligation to create a network between the various actors who will act with the people whom I will be brought to take charge for allow optimal care for the latter. But also more generally, namely for the health system.