The health service is a new provision put in place by the government to promote prevention.

Our students have participated in this type of action related to the health service, thanks to the involvement of Mrs. Thiais, Director of Care, Regional educational advisor, ARS – Health HR sector. We also thank M’ton dos for their technical support.

The newspaper 20minutes was present and reported their action, carried out in collaboration with nursing students.

On Monday, April 1st, we conducted a prevention intervention with student nurses from IFSI Melun to a class of fifth graders at the Jacques Amyot College site in Melun.

Our workshop focused on the following topics: posture, wearing a schoolbag and physical activity.

In class, students tend to slouch. … a position that we all have already taken: head projected, shoulders rolled, thoracic spine and lumbar bent … then no, our goal was not to criticize this position, but to explain how it could be harmful and that it was necessary to escape it during the long hours spent seated, through movements of straightening and stretching.
Then, we showed them more adapted positions and when it is possible the adjustment of the workstation in particular by adjusting the height of the chair and the table. A very simplified model of the intervertebral disk has also been explained to them with the notion of applied stress which is increased during prolonged non-adapted positions.

Then we continued the intervention by explaining them how to wear a backpack. We have explained that excess weight and immobility neutralize the recovery of the back. The ideal weight of the backpack should be about 10% of the body weight. We gave them tips on lightening their bags using college lockers or arranging for a book for two. We explained to them that we had to pay attention to the big bags and the badly adjusted straps, because the more the binder is away from the back, the more we have constraints that are exerted on the vertebrae. We must adjust the straps so that the weight is always as close as possible to the spine. A demonstration of schoolbag wearing was made.

Physical activity is important for your health! The sport is beneficial for the muscles for growth, for the bones, for stress reduction … The message we sent was to practice the sport they loved. And especially to practice it as much as possible. Go get the bread while walking or go cycling with friends. Any excuse is good to move. The recommendations state that a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity should be done daily.

Finally, we closed our intervention with the demonstration of mobilizations, stretches and auto-magnifications “discrete” and which are easily reproducible for them in class.

Throughout this intervention, we have tried to adapt our speech as much as possible to this young population and to make our presentation fun by involving them as much as possible. The children were receptive, we wanted to provide them with knowledge, put an end to certain misconceptions and also give them tips and tools to prevent pain.

The goal was not to send a message of fear of back pain but to keep a word in mind: “Move! ”