Health precautions and back to school in CEERRF….

Seniors (MK4) came back to school after almost 6 months of absence!

We worked upstream to prepare it in the best possible conditions.

Sanitary measures are rigorously applied and our students play the game: social distancing when possible, systematic mask, hygiene and traffic rules …

Regarding the setup of remote theoretical courses, we have chosen to opt for an “agile” management composed of face-to-face courses, strictly at a distance, remote courses with the trainer present in one of the IFMK educational offices and finally face-to-face lessons with videoconference retransmission. In all cases, students who wish to do so can come and witness the intervention of the trainer. This possibility seems fundamental to us because we noted that during the confinement some of them would have preferred to be able to go to the IFMK and sometimes suffered from this situation. Thus, depending on the configuration of the schedule and the choices of the trainers, this implementation varies from day to day.

Soon, the other promotions will return under the same conditions. MK1s will be particularly monitored in order to develop their sense of autonomy.

Thanks to all these precautions, we hope to be able to ensure the year under the best possible conditions so as to allow the success of our students while maintaining the quality of interventions and the level of requirement.

We are counting on our students to “play the game” in order to minimize the effect of the vagaries of health developments in particular. Their involvement in the system is essential to the success of this implementation in a hybrid format that does not neglect the dominant practice of our profession thanks to a rigorous maintenance of the Directed Teaching sessions in small groups.

Happy school year everyone