Greetings 2019

The transition to the new year is quite special …

Indeed, for our students and for us, there are many “first times” …

On the logistics front, we had never had to manage four promotions simultaneously, including a “new MK4” ….

Thus, they will launch the 12-week internship that will allow them to finalize their professionalization under the benevolence of our colleagues who invest in their daily training and we sincerely thank.

We strive to respect the regulatory guidelines while trying to best meet the questions and requests of our students.

CEERRF is now officially in partnership with UVSQ thanks to the signature of the tri-partite agreement. Our students will receive their university student card accordingly. I thank Professor Genet for his investment in the success of this necessary project which will see in the second time the implementation of university teaching in some UE (medicine, research …).

The establishment of the Health Service, under construction, is also facilitated by our ARS referrals who are attentive to our logistical difficulties and we thank them.

Our teaching team has been reinforced by trainers particularly committed to their missions: Mrs Brin, Cherubin and Pallot. Mr Evelinger and I ensure the general organization of pedagogy. I thank them and all the trainers who, it seems to me, appreciate coming to the CEERRF. We try to create favorable conditions for the exercise of their art.

Concerning the “administration”, I would like to thank the whole team, which, in my opinion, is logistically relevant while being particularly available to our students. I also do not forget our “maintenance” team that allows our students to evolve in environmental conditions of quality (cleanliness of the premises, cafeteria, hourly amplitudes …).

Our students, especially the MK4, have entered the last straight line of their professionalization in IFMK through the writing of the dissertation and the three-month internship. Already, our regular trainers’ feedbacks highlights the development of their “critical and constructive spirit” which seems to us to be the main goal to achieve in the scope of this amendment. We guide them in the drafting of their work and in the choice of their internship orientations as much as possible according to their professional project. We are always pleasantly surprised by the level of investment of many of them.

Odd semesters are coming to an end soon, with results for all four promotions. We are always attentive to these, not hesitating to receive, advise (or even “lecture” sometimes …) students in difficulty. Our timeless wish remains their success while remaining a guarantor of a minimum level of mastery of different knowledge! I wish everyone a happy new year 2019.

A beautiful year 2019 to everyone.